Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Review: 3 Outdoor Enthusiast Features

If you adore spending your summers in the great outdoors, then you won’t want to miss the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers for sale at Trailer Hitch RV.  These travel trailers are ideal for single campers or couples who want to spend every possible moment out in the open air.  It provides a cozy sleeping space, a kitchen, and everything you need for a beautiful, off-the-grid vacation.  Find out more about the features you’ll love in this Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailer review.

Geo Pro main
Take home this Geo Pro travel trailer today!

Sleeping Arrangements

The Geo Pro provides all the necessities for an incredible camping excursion in a compact space.  The inside features a cozy queen bed that is perfect for two.  The 12V TV inside gives you an ideal way to relax after a day of hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or just soaking up the sun and fresh air.

Geo Pro interior
The storage space above the bed helps you keep all your luggage in easy reach.

Outdoor Kitchen

Whip up delicious meals with ease using this delightful outdoor kitchen.  The fold-up back acts as an awning to protect you from the sun or weather while you cook.  The kitchen comes equipped with a microwave, a refrigerator, a sink, and a bottle opener.  These features are the perfect compliment to cooking over the fire and offer a quick option for anyone on the go.

Geo Pro outdoor kitchen
Additional storage above the fridge for plates, silverware, and more!

Dual Entry

You won’t have to worry about tracking dirt or debris inside, thanks to the dual entry doors.  Now, you have easy access to your side of the bed, without having to crawl around on the covers.  The WIFI Ranger WIFI booster will ensure that you get a great connection almost anywhere you find yourself.  So, whether you rely on your connection for work, social life, or just to catch your favorite movies, you’ll be set wherever you go.

Get the most out of your vacation days for years to come when you take home one of these Forest River Geo Pro travel trailers from Trailer Hitch RV.  Right now, you can save big on a Geo Pro.  Contact us to find the ideal floorplan and price point for your next RV.

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