Have More Fun in the Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler!

Whenever you are camping, some of the most fun activities you can do will require additional vehicles, and the best way you can bring these types of gear along is with a toy hauler. The Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler is a toy hauler and travel trailer combined into one luxurious and functional vehicle.

Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler
The Forest River Stealth makes toy hauling easy!

The back of the Stealth Toy Hauler is large enough to fit many of the “extras” that you may want to bring along with you. For instance, you can store an ATV for a little off roading, or if you are more into water sports, this space will be perfect for bringing your jet skis or kayaks. Whatever your toy of choice is, with this camper, you will have an ideal location to store it when you are traveling to your destination.

Since the Stealth is also designed to be a travel trailer, there will be features in the interior that make this the perfect living space as well. Here are a few of the amenities you will enjoy:

  • Comfortable Furnishings: Depending on the floor plan, this travel trailer will offer many places where you and the people with you can rest and relax. Not only will there be a master bedroom area complete with a queen sized, pillow top bed, but all of the models will have a living space set up for extra sleeping and sitting areas.

    Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler Interior
    The interior has everything you need!
  • Indoor Kitchen: In the interior, you will also have a place where you can store your food and cook your meals. With all of the standard kitchen appliances and over head storage cabinets, you can cook your meals from the comfort of your RV and have a place to put your kitchen supplies when they aren’t in use.
  • Easy Storage: The toy storage container at the back of this unit is easy to access as well as effortless to get all of your items inside the camper. The rear door will fold down to make a ramp for these vehicles to drive up and place without trouble. Then, you fold the ramp back up, and the door will keep everything protected and safe during transit.

    Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler Rear
    Check out the easy access toy storage location!

Bringing your outdoor toys along with you when you camp will give you lots of activities to enjoy while on vacation. With the Forest River Stealth Toy Hauler, you will have everything you need for living and for fun.

If you are ready to add a new level of fun to your camping trips, contact us or stop by our location to take a look at the many toy haulers we offer! We are sure we have exactly what you want!

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