How to Get Your RV Ready for Spring

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With spring just around the corner, you’re probably itching to get out and enjoy some fresh air. For a lot of the country this has been a long winter. Even out here on the West Coast we’ve had some interesting weather. Before you can head out for your much anticipated spring RV trip you need to get your RV ready for the season. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pest Control | Like most humans, pests love to find a warm cozy spot to curl up in during the winter. Yellow jackets, mice and anything else you can think of look for openings to your RV and particularly love refrigerator and dryer vents. Give any vents a thorough inspection.

Battery Check | Ensure your batteries are free from rust and corrosion. Check that your lights, turn signals and brake lights are all getting power. This is especially important if you left your batteries plugged in during the winter. You may want to give them a charge before heading out so they’re reliable and you don’t run into issues while away from home.

Exterior | Give your exterior a thorough washing and inspection. Look for any damage that may have been cause by the cold including cracked seals or damage to the roof. Be sure to get your bearings packed every spring and ensure any awnings and axles are properly greased.

Interior | Give your RV a good interior scrub down to rid it of that stale smell that tends to build up over the winter. Open the windows, dust, vacuum and use cleaning wipes to clean hard surfaces. This helps make your RV welcoming and ready for use. If you’re planning on selling your RV this spring this is even more important.

Sanitize | Although you likely drained and sanitized your freshwater system before Old Man Winter stopper by, it’s important to properly sanitize it again before resuming use. It might sound excessive, but you never know what can grow over the winter. Killing any bacteria will keep your family happy and healthy.

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