RV Tips: 3 Ways to Budget Your Road Trip

Where will the road take you in 2022? If you’re already planning your next round of adventures, why not learn these great RV tips for saving on your road trips. We’ll take a look at some of the expenses you’ll encounter on your journey and how to save more so that you can travel more. Learn our best RV tips for budgeting your road trip below.


Determine Your Expenses for the Trip

Whenever you take a long road trip, you should consider gas prices and your vehicle’s miles per gallon to determine how much it will cost you just to get to your destination. When you’re driving or towing an RV, your miles per gallon will be significantly lower than your standard vehicle, but you’ll save in other ways to offset the cost of fuel.

Consider how many travelers you’ll have along with you. You’ll need to budget food for your crew for the length of your stay, so once you know how long you expect to be gone, figure $40 a person per day for food. Campground prices will sometimes vary depending on the length of your stay, so be sure to ask about special pricing for long stays when booking your campsite.

How to Budget to Save Money

The best advice for saving on any of your travels is to avoid the holidays. Everyone makes plans to travel or take a vacation during the holidays, so you can save more by taking your trip in the off-season. Some campgrounds even offer discounted pricing for days or weeks that are not statistically very busy, and you can ask about low-traffic weeks when booking your stay.

Plan out your meals at the campground to save on your food budget. It’s pretty easy to whip up delicious and filling meals at the campground, especially if you plan ahead. Another way to save is by packing everything you need. Campground stores are often more expensive than other retailers, so it’s a good idea to bring along anything you want to have at the campground.

Look into the free activities offered at the campground or around the National Parks or State Parks you are visiting. You can get more out of your travels when you have a National Parks Pass, which you can get online.

We hope all of these RV tips will help you get more out of your travels by helping you to save on the road! Contact us to order your new RV from Trailer Hitch RV.

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