RV Tips: 4 Easy Tips for RVing with a Baby

So you’ve had a new addition to your family and you’re just itching to get out to the campground again, but you’re not sure how to prepare for a week away with your new little camper. These expert RV tips will help you get back out there and enjoy your camping season with your tiny bundle in tow.

Trailer Hitch RV Tips Baby
Start your little explorer out on the right foot with these easy tips!

1. Plan Your Stops (Be Willing to Compromise)

Little ones and long car rides are a tough combination.  Try to plan your stops ahead of time with the baby’s schedule in mind, but be willing to make changes if they start getting fussy before you’ve reached your destination.  Often a good rule of thumb is to plan a stop every 2-3 hours, allowing enough time for the baby to eat, get a diaper change, and kick for a while without being in the car seat.  It’s a good idea to plan a short trip at first, and gradually build up to farther destinations as the baby gets used to travel.

2. Sleeping Arrangements

There are a lot of options when it comes to putting your little bundle down for the night.  Lots of RVers with babies will buy fifth wheels, travel trailers, or toy haulers with removable furniture, so that it’s easy to make room for a crib.  Others prefer to keep the baby close at night and set up a simple bassinet by the side of the bed.  What you do will ultimately depend on your baby and the routine you’ve already established, but don’t be afraid to try something new!

Trailer Hitch RV Sleeping Baby
The whole family can enjoy a great night’s sleep.

3. Feeding the Tiny Camper

If you’re bringing an infant, you’ll want to be sure to bring lots of bottled water for use at the campsite.  If you use formula, be sure to make it with the bottled water instead of the water you hook into at the campground, because babies’ immune systems are much more susceptible than adults to possible contaminates.  Be sure to wash the bottles, pacifiers, and toys with the bottled water as well, and consider investing in some microwavable sterilizing bags to make cleaning the baby’s things a breeze!

4. Campsite Safety

There are a lot of potentially dangerous things around a campground. The best advice for keeping your little one safe is to make sure an adult is watching them at all times.  Other steps you can take include building a barrier around the fire pit to keep little hands from getting burned, put safety locks on your RV’s doors so they can’t tumble out, and be sure to pack kid-friendly insect repellent.  Another great camping tip is to set up a portable play-pen and cover the top with a fitted sheet to keep out the sun and bugs!

Trailer Hitch RV Camp Fire
Remember to never leave you child unattended!

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