RV Tips: 5 Tips for RVing with Toddlers

As a full-time RVer with a 15-month-old, I can confirm that RVing with a toddler has its challenges.   Luckily, I’ve also learned a few tricks of the trade for making life easier.  My RV tips will help you keep traveling. If you’ve been itching to get out to the campground, load up your little one and your Coachmen Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer from Trailer Hitch RV and head to your favorite campground.

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Get a Pack-N-Play

Ok, if you don’t already have one of these, get one!  They are a lifesaver for parents of toddlers.  We use our Pack-N-Play indoors and outdoors all the time to keep our son from running off when our back is turned.  Additionally, it’s a lightweight, safe alternative to a crib that you can easily set up in the RV living room for the baby to sleep in at night.  We got our’s secondhand for about $25, so check your local consignment shops.

Bring Toys

When you’re traveling, you still want that home away from home feeling.  Your little one is no different.  Be sure you pack your baby’s favorite toys and a few that are good for outdoor play. This will help them to feel more comfortable in the RV, especially if they’ve had a fairly strict routine so far in life.

RV baby

Bring Toy Storage

So, not going to lie, RVs are much smaller than what you’re used to, so it’s going to get messy fast when your little one is running around.  Don’t panic!  The small space also makes it incredibly quick and easy to clean, as long as you have storage options for the toys.  We tried just leaving the toys on the floor in a corner for about a week, but that quickly was switched out for metal bins and a rolling cart. . The ability to toss everything into place after he goes down for a nap has done wonders for my sanity.

Spend a Lot of Time Outside

My little absolutely loves the outdoors.  He wakes up most mornings already begging to go outside, so RVing is great for him.  Spending time outside is great for you and your baby’s health, but it also provides a much-needed break from the tiny space of your RV.  I recommend getting a baby backpack or baby wrap and taking a daily hike with your little one.

Bonus Tip: Outdoor play helps to wear out the little ones even faster than indoor play because there’s so much extra space for running around.  Our son sleeps like a log when he’s spent a day playing outside.

Ollie running 2

Don’t Leave Just the Screen Open

Thankfully, we haven’t had an issue with this yet. However,  the screen door on your RV is probably not enough of a barrier between your rambunctious toddler and a tumble down the stairs.  We never leave just the screen on the door unless we’ve built something to keep him from pushing on the door.  I would suggest buying a baby gate if your space will allow setup.

You don’t have to put your RVing dreams on hold just because you have toddlers; find an RV for your family today at Trailer Hitch RV.  Contact us for more information.

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