Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel Review: A Spacious Retreat for the Avid Traveler

The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel is an RV luxury emblem, demonstrating that you can take the comforts of home with you on the road. Ideal for both extended stays and weekend getaways, this fifth wheel offers an extraordinary blend of elegance, space, and functionality. This review explores what makes the Solitude a preferred choice for discerning travelers.

Grand Design Solitude 310GK
You’ll love the convenience of this Grand Design Solitude 310GK fifth wheel for your travels.

Room to Live and Breathe

Enter the Solitude to discover a living space that excels in comfort and style. With taller ceilings, deeper cabinets, and larger scenic window areas, the interior feels like a residential home. Every detail has been carefully considered to maximize the sense of spaciousness.

True to its name, the Solitude offers a wide range of amenities. A well-appointed kitchen with full-sized appliances makes meal prep a joy, while the living area’s plush seating and entertainment features invite relaxation and socialization.

Grand Design Solitude 376RD
This entertainment space is found in the Grand Design Solitude 376RD fifth wheel!

Opulent Sleeping Quarters

The Solitude turns the concept of RV sleeping quarters into an opulent affair. It boasts a bedroom with amenities usually reserved for luxury homes. From king-sized beds with high-end mattresses to substantial wardrobe space, it’s designed to offer all the comfort and convenience of your bedroom at home.

Built for the Long Haul

Durability is paramount in the construction of the Solitude. Combining high-quality materials with meticulous craftsmanship, this fifth wheel is built to withstand long-term travel demands, giving you peace of mind as you explore far and wide.

 Grand Design Solitude 380FL
If you need cooking space, the Grand Design Solitude 380FL fifth wheel is perfect.

Set for All Seasons

The Solitude is crafted to be a true four-season RV with high R-value insulation and fully enclosed underbelly systems. No matter the weather, you will stay comfortable within its walls, making it a year-round companion for any climate.

Storage Galore for Your Gear

Storage options abound within the Solitude, with generous space for all your goods and gear. The design incorporates smart storage solutions, including oversized pass-through compartments, ensuring seamless organization and access while on the move.

Customizable to Your Liking

With an array of floor plans and custom options, the Solitude provides personalization to suit various lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for more office space, a larger living area, or additional sleeping configurations, Grand Design has options to make the Solitude feel uniquely yours.

Grand Design Solitude 382WB
There’s plenty of space in this luxurious bathroom in the Grand Design Solitude 382WB fifth wheel.

The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel is crafted for those who aspire to enjoy seamless and luxurious living, no matter where their travels take them. With its spacious interior, premium features, and robust construction, the Solitude promises to be more than just a travel trailer—it’s a statement of how you choose to experience the world, wrapped in the sanctuary of a luxurious retreat. Contact us today.

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