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Fifth Wheels vs Airstream Trailers

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If a trailer is in your near future, you may be deciding between a fifth wheel and an Airstream trailer. While both of these trailers stand out, finding the right one for your needs in California is important.

An Airstream trailer is typically going to be smaller than your average fifth wheel, but they do carry beautiful floor plans, large windows, and a classic look. However, fifth wheels RVs are longer, have more space, and carry numerous amenities. Let’s explore what each has to offer.

Fifth Wheel vs Airstream Differences

A new fifth wheel or an Airstream is a great way to live out your dream of hitting the open road and enjoying a unique getaway. A fifth wheel trailer is a larger trailer, which can sometimes be upwards of 45 feet in length. It requires a larger vehicle to haul it. The “fifth wheel” term describes the hitch that allows you to attach something to the back of your vehicle.

A fifth wheel is typically pulled by a larger truck or trailer. A long bed or 1-ton truck will be required to haul these. You’ll find granite countertops and beautifully finished cabinets inside these trailers, along with the option for full-size wardrobes and large queen or king beds.

An Airstream trailer will be a bit smaller, but it’s more mobile. They have a shiny silver exterior that stands out at any campsite or RV park. These trailers are typically between 23 and 30 feet and have space for a couple of people. They’ve been a staple on American roads since the 1930s.

Airstream Trailers

Airstream Trailers for sale near CaliforniaIf you’re looking for something that will replace your home, an Airstream trailer won’t be that. It’s not as big as a fifth wheel, but it’s still roomy and welcoming. The simple design of the Airstream trailer is appreciated by its owners. There are no slideout panels like there would be in a fifth wheel, so all you have to do is park and get ready to go.

These trailers are also shorter than a fifth wheel. If you’re heading across the country, you want to hit all of the sights, not just the highways. Airstreams, while shorter, are also a bit shorter height-wise, so you can go through those “low overpass” signs confidently.

They also weigh considerably less than a fifth wheel, and you can save up to about 10,000 pounds in the process. This means a lighter ride for you and better gas mileage.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels offer a diverse floor plan. Whether you want it to look like a cabin in the woods or something more modern with solid oak flooring and throw rugs, you can have it. Customization options are more prevalent on fifth wheels than on an Airstream trailer, to say the least.

There’s also plenty of storage space to use and converting part of it to a toy hauler is possible. Create space for that ATV that you’ll take out for a ride once you’ve reached your destination.

The extra storage space may also be used as living space. The ceilings are taller than the Airstream, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think you’re walking into a home with decent-sized ceilings. Does elbow room matter to you too? You’ll have it in a fifth wheel.

Fifth Wheels vs Airstream Trailers: A Final Word

While both Airstream trailers and fifth wheels are beautiful and functional in their own way, we invite you to see our fifth wheel selection here at Trailer Hitch RV. We carry many top manufacturers in our inventory.

Cruise the California roads in a fifth wheel! Search our online inventory or contact us today to learn more!

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