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RV Battery Service near Me

RV Battery Service near Me
Back in the day, RV batteries were a mere consideration for off-the-grid camping. Like other things in life and society, RV batteries have changed over the years. With complex electrical systems becoming the norm, batteries are not an option, they’re a necessity.

Searching for RV battery service near me may lead you here, to Trailer Hitch RV. Our knowledgeable technicians will provide RV battery service for all of those in California who enjoy exploring open spaces.

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Understanding Your RV Battery

Recreational vehicle batteries are there to ensure your home away from home has the power for electronic accessories and protection against deep discharge damage. Your RV can carry power drains which can increase wear and tear on a battery. Deep cycle batteries have been created to handle RV use.

In some cases, one type of power isn’t enough to tackle the demands of an RV. Dual purpose batteries can offer a compromise of sorts, between high starting and moderate deep cycle service. They’ll be able to provide longer cycling service than automotive starting batteries, which means the accessories you want to run will be able to run.

Comprehensive Battery Service

There are many batteries available on the market these days, from lead-acid to gel cell to absorbed glass mat and lithium ion. Every few months, it’s a good idea to check your battery casing to see if it’s discolored or cracked. There may be an issue internally that needs to be looked at.

Cleaning any corrosion off the terminal connectors is a god idea, too. This can be done easily with a wire brush and a mix of baking soda and water.

Of course, more intensive battery repairs can be taken care of by our experienced team. We can prepare batteries for a voltage test or battery hydrometer test to ensure they’re working and ready to deliver the power necessary to run an RV.

Caring for Your RV

The two most common California RV battery failure causes are undercharging and overcharging. At Trailer Hitch RV, we’ll help manage any battery issues and provide RV battery service near me. Contact us to schedule a maintenance visit for your RV, and we’ll work efficiently to get you back on the roads soon.

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