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RV Brake Service near Me

RV Brake Service near Me
Before venturing out on that next California campground or RV adventure, it’s important that your brakes are ready to go. Routine maintenance should never be ignored. Any rust, corrosion, or general wear and tear can cause issues for your RV brake system.

For comprehensive RV brake service near me, turn to Trailer Hitch RV. We’ll work efficiently to return you and your RV to the roadways as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out on that next big trip.

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Complete RV Brake Repair

If you’re driving a motorhome, they typically have different braking system options: air brakes and hydraulic brakes. Excess moisture can cause brake issues, so it’s important to check the brakes often to ensure they’re working properly. Draining the air storage tank every few months ensures there’s no moisture. Hydraulic brakes should have the brake pads, drums, and linings checked for any wear and tear.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels have electric brakes which connect to the truck and should be maintained and adjusted for every towing season. Electric brakes will not adjust by themselves, so it’s important to do this from time to time to keep the brake shoes and drums spaced out. Our team will be sure to carefully adjust the brakes, inspecting your RV to ensure it’s safe to have out on the road.

RV Service

General RV service will be needed from time to time, going beyond the brakes. You may need electrical system repairs, service for the appliances on board your trailer, water heater service, or air conditioning and furnace maintenance.

Since you’ve made an investment in an RV, it’s important to take care of it. We’ll ensure everything is being kept up to date when it comes to service and even offer touch-ups for things like the carpet, fabric, windows, and other on-board equipment.

Need Brake Service? Turn to the Experienced Team at Trailer Hitch RV

We’re here to handle your brake repairs with brake service near me you can count on. Travel California roads knowing your brakes are ready for what comes next. Trailer Hitch RV technicians are here for you.

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