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RV Service near Bakersfield CA

RV Service near Bakersfield CA
Your RV can become a very important part of your life. If you treat it with respect and stay up to date with all preventative RV maintenance and care, it can be part of your life for a long, long time. At Trailer Hitch RV, our experienced service technicians will ensure your RV is always taken care of.

Well-versed in a range of RV issues from the minor to the complex, our maintenance professionals will work efficiently to ensure your next adventure is safe and enjoyable.

Our Experienced Bakersfield Recreational Vehicle Service

Keep in mind that no maintenance item is too big or too small for our experienced professionals. Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Whether your RV is motorized or non-motorized, reach out to us with any maintenance questions you might have.

We’ll complete an inspection to identify what is working and what may need attention, focus on the electrical system to prevent any electrical failures, and perform a check of the appliances and accessories to ensure they’re operating efficiently.

We’ll service the refrigerator, water heater, air conditioning, and perform any winterizing services if needed. You’ve made an important investment in an RV, so let our team play a small role in your RV ownership by providing the maintenance it needs.

Offering Critical Protection for Your RV

Keeping a travel trailer or fifth wheel running smoothly ensures that when you’re ready to head out on that next adventure, there’s no waiting around to find out if it’s ready to go. If you’ve noticed any appliances faltering or have had electrical issues, we’ll service your vehicle and have it back up and running.

We can also provide minor repairs and patches for carpet and fabric, replace cracked or chipped windows, and install the latest up-to-date equipment.

When any sort of seasonal maintenance is required, bring your RV to us, and we’ll prepare you for what’s ahead. We do stock many RV parts here at our location, but even if we don’t have the exact fit, a special order can be made to have it ready for you. We can install the part for you, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, feel free to let us know.

About Bakersfield CA

Just about an hour outside of Los Angeles, it doesn’t take much to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Bakersfield is home to a number of RV parks, and there are many RV-friendly campgrounds in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

Because it’s such a warm and sunny place year-round, it’s a popular destination for many RVers in California. No matter where you’re heading next in Bakersfield, ensure all service has been performed on your RV, so it’s ready to go.

Experienced Service and Care for Your RV

When it comes time for RV maintenance, look no further than Trailer Hitch RV. We’ll ensure all RV service near Bakersfield, CA, is accounted for, ensuring your travels always go smoothly.