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Toy Hauler vs Travel Trailers

New Toy Haulers New Travel Trailers

There are a wide variety of RVs available to buy in California. With so many different ways you can take your search, you might be wondering where to begin. Trailer Hitch RV is here to guide you through the process.

Let’s take a closer look at an important debate: toy haulers vs. travel trailers. Each has their advantages, but you may not know which one will benefit your lifestyle most. Keep reading to learn more about toy haulers and travel trailers and what they have to offer.

Toy Hauler vs Travel Trailer: Key Differences

In the past, the biggest difference between a toy hauler and travel trailer used to be weight and interior space. A toy hauler is typically built on a sturdier frame, making it heavier than a travel trailer. Since a toy hauler is also expected to do its job (hauling toys like ATVs or motorbikes), they also have more garage space than a travel trailer, making the overall interior living space in a travel trailer larger.

Things have changed a bit over the years, as some RV manufacturers have tried to strike a happy medium, creating more interior space in a toy hauler while still providing storage. However, travel trailers still tend to feature more luxury-type amenities, like a big screen TV, full-size fridge, and larger kitchen.

The Driving Experience

As toy haulers are on a heavier frame, they’re typically going to be heavier than a travel trailer. Toy haulers have strong axles and suspensions, so they are able to handle off-road situations well. However, it’s important that the truck you’re driving is able to handle a fully loaded toy hauler.

Toy haulers will typically weigh more than travel trailers, so that means towing capacity and the vehicle you own is something to consider. Many toy haulers will require a heavy-duty truck. However, there are some new travel trailers out there which can be towed by a large SUV, which is potentially a vehicle you already own.

Toy Hauler vs Travel Trailer: Floor Plans

A travel trailer, by nature, will have more interior storage space than a toy hauler. The floor plans will have more closets than a toy hauler, so you may have more space to store away jackets and other clothes you’re bringing along for an adventure.

However, a toy hauler will have something a travel trailer does not have: garage storage space. Use this space for a motorized vehicle, kayak, cooler, beach chairs, and whatever else you’re able to fit inside. While the living space may be smaller in a toy hauler, there are many interior and exterior features available to help maximize the space.

Here to Help You Find Your Newest RV

There are many advantages to owning an RV in California. Comparing a toy hauler vs. travel trailer, you’ve had a chance to see some of those advantages up close.

Stop by Trailer Hitch RV today, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

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